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Ingram Borough is preparing a Pedestrian/Bike + Traffic Calming Plan to identify problems with (and potential improvements for) the Borough's streetscape character, safety, accessibility, and overall connectivity. This plan will develop designs for the streets that we want to see in our neighborhood.

Throughout the rest of 2021, the Borough will be working with a consultant to identify and prioritize street and sidewalk improvements where they are most needed. Ingram Planning Commission and Ingram Council want the main corridor through Ingram Borough to be safely accessible to residents of all ages and physical abilities for walking/rolling, cycling, and driving while setting the foundation for future transit-oriented development in the areas near Ingram Station, Crafton/Ingram Shopping Center, Foster Park, and Ingram’s business district.

Further, Ingram Borough seeks to prepare a Complete Streets policy that will be adopted as part of our official policy and guide our future investments to ensure safe, walkable, enjoyable streets and space for all residents.

Ingram wants to invest in places for people and create safer places for everyone to live and thrive!

The outcome of this plan will be a mobility network plan for Ingram that:

 Is multimodal, improving streets and sidewalks
 Is developed with community input and support
 Is a framework for implementation of improvements.
Prospect Ave in Ingram, PA

What streets will the plan focus on?

The scope and nature of this project is to identify connectivity, walkability, and general transportation deficiencies and develop effective design solutions, with an emphasis on pedestrian, bicycling and traffic calming solutions.

The main concentration of improvements will focus on the heavily used transportation corridor leading from the entrance of Foster Park past Ingram Station on the West Busway to Mackin Ave. off West Prospect Ave.

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Crafton-Ingram THRIVE

Why plan for Pedestrian, Bicycling And Traffic Calming? Our 2017 Comprehensive Plan, prepared also with community input and support, reflects a desire for increased walkability throughout Ingram. One of the major vision statements in our Comprehensive Plan is to "...attract and retain residents and businesses by maintaining the boroughs’ status as highly walkable communities.

Our Comprehensive Plan, prepared jointly with the Borough of Crafton, is titled "Crafton-Ingram THRIVE" and is available here. Comprehensive Plans guide long-term municipal investment. With this mobility plan, Ingram Borough is moving towards design and implementation of projects to fulfill the goals set out in THRIVE.

This plan is being guided by community input and a Steering Committee consisting of local municipal representatives, residents, and county officials. The Steering Committee for this plan are the following:

- Sam Nucci, Ingram Council President
- Greg Butler, Ingram Councilmember
- Jim Marsilio, Ingram Planning Commission
- Aaron Cygnarowicz, Ingram Planning Commission
- Dana Kostishack, Ingram resident
- Breen Masciotra, Port Authority of Allegheny County, Planning Section Manager
- Ann Ogoreuc, Allegheny County Economic Development, Assistant Director, Mobility and Transportation Initiatives
- Anthony Schneider, Allegheny County Economic Development, Transportation Planner

This project was funded by the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County in partnership with the Hillman Foundation.
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